All registered businesses are offered 3 trial months.
Quick Mobile payments
Enables your business receive mobile payments by just a QR code scan or tap of a virtual app card.
User Privacy
Users using App authorize each and every payment to businesses processed through app.
Cash tracking
Registered business owners/merchants can track all cash payments processed through the app via the Powellpay dashboard.
Flexibility & Reliability
Our app operates in all business environments and its available 24/7. Business environments can include pharmacies, shops, websites, restaurants, Agricultural Farms and others.
Wallet Cash Interests
Wallet Cash Backs
Interests are received when business owners fix there wallet balances for certain periods. Business owners also receive Cash backs when they bring on board or invite other merchants.


Digitizing mobile payments for all businesses to enable them send and receive money for services offered.
(Currently fully integrated with MTN momo)

About The App

Powellpay is an android based mobile app that helps businesses digitally collect/receive mobile money payments from their customers for the services they provide to them. Services can include payments for goods served e.g in restaurants, supermarket, hardware, pharmacies, Salons, Shops and others. .

Customers can send payments to businesses by either Tap2Pay or Scan2Pay app features.

Our registered business merchants can later request a withdrawal of all money collected at any time. They also have special features like Wallet Savings, and Payment Requests.

Amazing Features

These bring our app to life

User Friendly

Simple user interface.

Quick processing time

App enables faster payments processing. (Approx. 10s)


Customer/Client can tap your Merchant/Business Card in app to send you a payment.


Customer/Client can scan your customized QR code at your business reception/counter to send you a payment.


App access is protected or locked by a PIN

Request Payments

Business owners or merchants can initiate and send a mobile payment request to a customer.

Request Withdraw

Business owners or merchants can withdraw there wallet balances (collections) to there mobile money accounts at any preferred time.

Share and Invite

Registered users can share app or invite new users

Our App Screenshots

We enlighten your business mobile payments.

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